New Admissions

We understand that moving is a major change. You need to get to know us here at Blue Haven and we need to get to know you. To help us learn more about each other, we will be having some important conversations.

Blue Haven offers a dedicated admissions service by our admissions consultant. This service is available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

You can speak with our admissions consultant by calling (02) 4232 1144, or alternatively email

To learn more about our admission process, please download the Admissions Pack Cover Letter and Application for Residential Accommodation

If you would like to no more in-depth information on applying for a room in an aged care home, please keep reading.

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Do you know the type of care you or your family member may be eligible for?

If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, the steps_to_enter_an_aged_care_home will be the right information for you. The brochure explains how older people can access care in an aged care home, the process for moving into an aged care home and what to expect when you’re there.

If you answered ‘no’ to this question, the myagedcare-brochure-general will help you find out what services are available, if you’re eligible for these services, who pays for the services and how to access these services.

What type of Care does Blue Haven Home Offer?

Respite or Short Stay at Blue Haven Home

If your carers at home are unable to care for you for some reason, or you would like a break from caring for yourself, you may be able to have a short stay with us here at Blue Haven Home. This is called ‘Residential Respite Care,’ and can be sought on a planned or emergency basis.
You will need an Aged Care Assessment for respite in an aged care home. This assessment will determine your needs in line with what Blue Haven Home can help you with

Residential Care – Permanent

Blue Haven Home offers 5 different types of room accommodation, each with an ensuite:

1. Balcony Double Suites
2. Balcony Single Suites
3. Superior Suites
4. Premium Suites
5. Premium Kitchenette Suites

We aim to provide a comfortable environment that you can make into your home. Blue Haven has been designed with spacious common areas where residents enjoy a home like environment, safe wandering and independence is reinforced through the use of way-finding techniques, safe access to secure courtyards and gardens that extend and link the indoor spaces to embrace the attributes of the surrounding location.

Each common area has a large lounge room, wall mounted TV and electronic fire place. Please visit us while you are making your choice for your next home.

Blue Haven Fees

The financial arrangements around aged care are quite complicated. As a starting point, you should complete an Assets and Income Assessment with Centerlink. The results of that assessment can have a big impact on how much you have to contribute and how much the government will contribute to your stay with us.


Asset and Income Assessment

For permanent residency there is a document to be completed which is sent to Centrelink – DHS (Department of Human Services). This is a comprehensive document which enables Centrelink to determine how much you pay towards your accommodation. Centrelink can assist to complete this document or seek advice from a Financial Advisor who specialises in Aged Care.

Please find a link to the Residential Aged Care – Cost of Your Care – Calculation (SA457 ) to be filled out by you or your carer/family member.

How do I apply for Residential Aged Care at Blue Haven Home?

Firstly, we need to find out if you or your family member may be eligible for care at Blue Haven Home.

You may be eligible if you are:

• An older person who can no longer live independently at home
• A younger person with a disability, dementia or to her special care needs that are not met through other specialist services.


Call My Aged Care and have an assessment

If you have not already been assessed for care in an aged care home, including residential respite, you (or your nominated representative) need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. My Aged Care Staff will ask you questions about your current needs and circumstances so they can refer you for an assessment.
If your care needs show that you might be eligible for care in an aged care home, you will be referred for a free assessment with a member of your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Please see page 6, of the ‘Find the help you need with myagedcare’ brochure for more in-depth information.


Await the outcome of your assessment

After your assessment, an assessor will make a formal decision about your care needs. If your assessed as eligible for entry into an aged care home, you will receive an approval letter and support plan from your ACAT that sets out the care you’re approved to receive.
The support plan will include a unique referral code that you can provide Blue Haven with if and when you choose to go into an aged care home.
If you don’t receive an approval letter explaining your assessment decision, you should first contact ACAT or call My Aged Care and ask for a copy.


Follow the pathway to enter Blue Haven Home and manage your services

Work out the costs
• Apply to Blue Haven Home using the ‘Blue Haven Admissions Pack’ and accept your offer
• Enter into agreements with Blue Haven Home
• Manage your care and services