Image of Blue Haven Stage 4 building

Blue Haven Terralong

To enquire about Terralong units call Blue Haven Customer Service on (02) 4203 4055 or email

The following waiting list policy applies to all previously occupied units:

1. Any person (with a disability or over the age of 55), may lodge an application to be placed on the wait list for currently occupied units
2. This application must include a unit selection, being a list of all units that they would accept
3. No wait list fee applies
4. Available units will be offered firstly to those on the wait list
5. If there are no takers for a particular unit from those on the wait list that unit will be offered to any other person on a first come, first served basis
6. A person on the wait list who turns down the offer of a nominated unit, will be placed in last position on the wait list for all nominated units. Should that person then become eligible to be offered another nominated unit during the following twelve months, they will be deemed to have also declined that unit
7. A person on the wait list may amend their unit selection up to a maximum of three times

This policy may be amended from time to time at the discretion of Council, any changes to the policy will be communicated to residents and potential residents on the wait list by email.