Image of Blue Haven Stage 4 building
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21 units located over 3 levels.

Underground parking, and all levels have full lift access.

Storerooms are also located adjacent to garages.

There are 5- E type & 6- H type units.

Plan showing location of units within Stage 4



Accommodation types

E Type unit

  • Our most popular two bedroom unit, the design of the E Type
    has been further refined with each new Stage.
  • As there are a number of different versions of the E Type design, actual room dimensions vary slightly from those shown.
  • Many units are a mirror image (or Em) design.
  • The E Type unit has two large bedrooms (both with built in wardrobes), an open plan kitchen and large covered balcony.
  • Suitable for one or two people, the E Type has a typical area of 90 sqm.
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H Type unit

  • 110m2 (incl. balcony)
  • Stage 4 contains six H Type units (three on each end of the building).
  • The H type unit is based on the classic E Type, with an additional third bedroom, larger second bedroom and additional bathroom with toilet and bath. The lounge-room and kitchen are the same layout as the E Type unit. Three of the H type units are the “mirror image” of the other three.
  •  Views from the H Type units vary due to being located at either end of the building.
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Views from individual units

Click to see the view from individual unit balconies in this building