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Blue Haven Terralong Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Blue Haven Retirement Village?

Kiama Council owns and operates Blue Haven, which comprises Blue Haven Terralong (203 Independent living units) and Blue Haven Bonaira (59 Independent living units), a 134 bed Residential Aged Care Home with dedicated dementia households and Community Support Services consisting of In Home support and services to assist you to continue to live at home. Blue Haven Community Services also offer disability support and are an NDIS provider as well as a Community Transport service.

Please see separate Blue Haven Bonaira Independent Living FAQs for more information about Bonaira Village.


What services are available at Blue Haven Terralong?

The full range of Blue Haven’s In Home Care services and packages are available to Independent Living Unit residents, including but not limited to; cleaning support, personal care, medical care, assistance with meal preparation and grocery shopping, washing and laundry, shopping and social outings and the use of Blue Haven’s Community Transport service.

In a medical emergency, Village Residents firstly dial “000”, after they have called the ambulance (or if they are unable to use the phone), they activate the “Vitalcall” emergency call system, which consists of a radio operated pendant in each Unit. This call registers with the Resident Caretakers who are then able to assist the ambulance staff in locating the Resident. This system operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The Village Centre is the focal point for the many social activities enjoyed by residents. These include carpet bowls, crafts, games-especially cards, Melbourne Cup Lunches an dother social and recreational activities. Residents are also free to enjoy the Village Centre with visiting friends and relatives.


When can I view a unit at Blue Haven Terralong?

Providing the privacy of residents is respected, visitors are welcome to inspect all common areas within Blue Haven Terralong during normal office hours, the office is located via entrance to (Stage 5) at 55 Thomson Street, Kiama.

If you’d like to ensure you can speak with someone about a unit, we recommend you arrange an appointment by calling Blue Haven Customer Service on (02) 4203 4055 or emailing


Does Blue Haven have a waiting list for a unit?

Yes, please contact (02) 4203 4055 for more information.


What is the role of the Resident Caretakers?

Council has engaged two husband and wife couples who live in the village. Their primary Image of lady shopping at Wooliesresponsibilities are:

  • 24 hour monitoring of the emergency call system
  • Assisting ambulance officers to access residents’ unit
  • Maintenance of lawns and garden areas
  • Day to day maintenance of buildings


Can I have guests stay in my Independent Living Unit?

Most certainly, it is your home.  Permission is however required for stays in excess of 4 weeks.


Within what price range are units available at Blue Haven Terralong?

The two pricing options are outlined below in this document. These prices are reviewed annually and currently range between $230,000 and $960,000.


Are unit prices negotiable?

Whilst the prices of Independent Living Units are not negotiable, Option 1 (described below) provides a means whereby certain units may be accessed at a reduced price.


Are there any additional charges payable upon entry or at departure?

There are no additional charges payable upon entry or at departure. The loan licence agreement is also exempt from stamp duty.


Is it possible to change units once you have taken up residency?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to change between units, once you have commenced living at Blue Haven Terralong Village.


Does Blue Haven operate any other Retirement Villages?

Kiama Council operates two Retirement Villages in Kiama, being Blue Haven Terralong and Blue Haven Bonaira located 14a Bonaira Street, Kiama.

To find out more about Blue Haven Bonaira, view this website.


How are decisions made concerning the operation of the Village?

The Blue Haven Committee consists of a number of citizen representatives and elected Councillors which meets quarterly. Representatives of the Blue Haven Residents Committee may also attend these meetings in order to assist in the flow of information. These meetings are open to the public.


What happens if I need to move from my Independent Living Unit to the Residential Aged Care Home?

Blue Haven recognises the importance of being close to your spouse should they require either respite, or full time residential aged care.

While every effort is made to assist those Independent Living Unit Residents who may eventually require this type of accommodation, the allocation of available places is on an assessed needs basis, with Blue Haven Residents and the broader community being treated equally.


What happens to the money I pay for my Independent Living Unit?

Your money is safe with Council and controlled by the terms of the contract (loan licence agreement) between the resident and Council. The “price” of an Independent Living Unit at Blue Haven represents an interest free loan to Council, in return for which the resident receives a licence to occupy the Unit.

There are presently two options available to residents at Blue Haven:

Option 1 (Available on units in Stages 1 to 4 only)

70% of Option 2 price and no refund after 11 months.

This option represents the payment of 70% of the normal loan amount required for a particular unit. The amount paid is then amortised completely over a period of 11 months on a daily pro-rata basis. In return, the resident(s) retains the right to live in the unit for as long as they are able to care for themselves in the self-care environment.

Option 2 (Applies to all units -Stages 1 to 5 and all garages / car spaces)

6% per annum reduction for the first 5 years, capped at 30%.

This option has always been available at Blue Haven and provides the resident to pay an interest free loan to Council. Refer to our The attached price list shows the Option 2 price, as this is the option selected by the majority of people. When the unit is no longer required, the outgoing resident (or their estate) receive the original amount paid, less 6% of this amount for each year of occupation (calculated on a daily pro-rata basis). (This 6% per annum reduction is known as “amortisation”, the maximum amount of which is 30%, which would occur after 5 years of occupation.)

When the unit is no longer required, a new occupant is found by Council and the balance of loan monies due is refunded within 14 days. Should a new occupant not be found after the expiration of 6 months, the Council undertakes to still refund the full amount due at the end of this 6-month period.

Summary of options

• Option 1
Available on Stages 1 to 4 only and provides for the payment of 70% the normal cost of entry and no refund after 11 months.

Option 2
Available on all independent living units and garages and provides for the amount refundable, being reduced by 6% for each year of occupancy on a daily pro-rata basis (maximum 30% reduction at 5 years).


How are weekly maintenance levies calculated and what do they include?

Unlike a Strata-Unit, there are no individual Council or water rates payable by the resident. Rates and charges, electricity and maintenance of the grounds and inclusions in resident’s units are all covered by the one low weekly maintenance levy. Individual residents only pay their own contents insurance (of their privately owned furniture), individual electricity and telephone.

Prior to the setting of maintenance levies for the next twelve month period, a proposed budget is placed before a meeting of all residents. The budget, once approved by the residents, together with any recommendations as to increases in maintenance levies, is then placed before the Blue Haven Board and Council for final approval.

The Current Weekly maintenance levies for 2019/2020 range between $ 78.00 up to $105.00.

Unit typeOne occupantTwo occupants
Stage 1 & D$78.00$83.25
B & C$85.50$87.75
E, F & L$93.00$96.25
H, K & N$99.00$101.25
J & M$97.00$100.00
O & P$85.50$87.75
Stage 5 car space$1.00$1.00
Garage (remote & S. 1)$3.00$3.00


Are lock-up garages/car spaces included in the cost of the Unit?

As many residents move to Blue Haven because they no longer drive, there has been no requirement to build the same number of garages/car spaces as units. Plenty of lock-up garages & secure under cover car spaces are available however, including some with remote controlled doors and these are subject to the same loan licence conditions as the Independent Living Units. Garage prices range between $7,500 and $15,000. Stage 5 car spaces are $5,000.


Wait List Policy

The following waiting list policy applies to all previously occupied units:

1. Any person (with a disability or over the age of 55), may lodge an application to be placed on the wait list for currently occupied units
2. This application must include a unit selection, being a list of all units that they would accept
3. No wait list fee applies
4. Available units will be offered firstly to those on the wait list
5. If there are no takers for a particular unit from those on the wait list that unit will be offered to any other person on a first come, first served basis
6. A person on the wait list who turns down the offer of a nominated unit, will be placed in last position on the wait list for all nominated units. Should that person then become eligible to be offered another nominated unit during the following twelve months, they will be deemed to have also declined that unit
7. A person on the wait list may amend their unit selection up to a maximum of three times

This policy may be amended from time to time at the discretion of Council, any changes to the policy will be communicated to residents and potential residents on the wait list by email.


Please also note the following important information:

  • Council reserves the right to vary or discontinue Options 1 & 2 at any time (this would not affect existing residents).
  • Effective from 1/1/2012, only existing residents & those who have placed their name on the waiting list as at that date, will be able to smoke within the Village (excluding common rooms). New residents from 1/1/2012 (excluding those on the waiting list at that date) will not be permitted, under the Village Rules, to smoke in their unit, or in any other part of the land or buildings occupied by the Retirement Village. This rule also applies to visitors & guests.
  • The allocation of a unit is subject to a professional assessment of the potential resident’s ability to live independently & uses information obtained via a form completed by the person’s Doctor. This assessment is undertaken by Council Staff, immediately prior to a specific unit being offered.
  • Loan amounts and maintenance levies are subject to regular review by Council. Any figures provided are an indication only and are subject to confirmation prior to settlement.

This  Frequently Asked Questions document should be read in conjunction with the following documents that must, under the Retirement Villages Act, be provided to you prior to acquiring a unit;
Blue Haven Retirement Village Disclosure Statement & General Enquiries Documents.

Updated December 2019

For more information contact

Blue Haven Customer Service on (02) 4203 4055 or

printable version – Terralong Independent Living Units FAQ.