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Blue Haven Transition Project Update
We had a great roll up for the Resident and Relative information session on the 27th February 2019 about the move to our new Home. For anyone that was unable to attend the following information will be of interest to you:

Introduction to the Project Team:
The Blue Haven Transition Project Team are responsible for ensuring our new Home is operational by our move in date. The move in date is not yet confirmed as this will depend on the construction of the building but it is estimated to be in September this year.

The Project Team comprises:

Kerry McMurray  – CEO /Primary Sponsor
Clare Rogers  – Director of Blue Haven / Sponsor
Fiona Whittaker – Project Manager
Dale Wakefield – Manager Care and Operations
Meagan Carey – Manager Human Resources
Jason Galloway -Acting Chief Financial Officer
Joanne Brisbane – Hospitality Supervisor
Michael Schembri – Maintenance Supervisor
Joanne Skofic – IT Manager
Janai Gardiner – Marketing and Communications Officer

Arrangements for Moving:
Suite prices at the new Home are still being formalised. There will be a number of suite options depending on the size of the rooms and whether they are single or shared options, have a balcony and or a kitchenette. It is expected that the suites will range up from $550000. A submission is being sent to the Pricing Commissioner as is required for all Aged Care Providers for approval for rooms above the $550000. It is expected that a determination will be made within 60 days of the applications submission. As such, we expect to have these rates formalised by June 2019.

Please note that all existing residents will have the current payments made at our existing Home honoured and will not be required to pay any additional rates unless a larger Suite option is requested.

Individual meetings will be held with residents and relatives commencing in April in order to allocate rooms in the new Home.

Blue Haven will arrange for the move of all items and families and friends are invited to be a part of the moving process if desired. A moving in plan is currently being formulated and this will be communicated once completed. We hope to have this plan completed by May 2019.

If you have any questions concerning the move please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone:
Fiona Whittaker: