What is Blue Haven – Bonaira?

Blue Haven – Bonaira represents the expansion of Kiama Council’s existing Blue Haven Retirement Village, which will then be known as Blue Haven – Terralong.

How many Independent Living Units will be constructed at Blue Haven – Bonaira?

A total of 59 Independent Living Units will be constructed, within the following four buildings:

  • Building 1: 1 single bedroom unit and 16 two-bedroom units
  • Building 2: 1 single bedroom unit (caretaker) and 16 two-bedroom units
  • Building 3: 1 single bedroom unit and 16 two-bedroom units
  • Building 4: 8 two-bedroom units on the top two floors above the community hall

What are the unit designs?
All of the two-bedroom units will contain a separate ensuite bathroom, computer nook and a large storage room. While unit sizes vary slightly between designs, average size is half way between the two and three-bedroom designs in the most recent Stage 5 building.

Will car parking be provided?
There is a single secure car park running beneath buildings 1/3, which is access via the lift in each of the three buildings. A single, generous car space will be included in the price of every unit. There is no storage on the car park level, as this is provided in every two-bedroom unit. Building 4 will also have similar parking.

When will the units be completed?
It is anticipated that the all 59 units comprising Buildings 1 to 4 will be completed by Mid-2019, at the same time as the Aged Care Facility, community hall, office accommodation and the Restoration of Barroul House.

How will the units be allocated?

It is intended to allocate the Independent Living Units at Blue Haven – Bonaira in the same manner as was used in the initial allocation of units at Blue Haven – Terralong, which is by way of Ballot.

What are the prices of the units at Blue Haven- Bonaira?
Prices will be benchmarked against the prices at Blue Haven – Terralong. Prices are based on a combination of unit size, view and orientation. Blue Haven – Bonaira units will also have a slightly higher specification, including air conditioning in each unit. The prices for Blue Haven – Terralong, effective from 1st July 2017 provides a guide by looking at the variation in prices between the various K type units in Stage 5 and allowing for any real estate market variations prior to completion.

Can I view individual unit designs
Unit designs are available in the links to the right of this page.

How can I find out more information?
The Manager of Blue Haven Village, Steve Dawson may be contacted on 4233 1714 to arrange an appointment to inspect the detailed model of the new development and to answer any questions.

Download the Bonaira FAQ