What is Blue Haven – Bonaira?

Blue Haven – Bonaira is a sister Village to Kiama Council’s Blue Haven – Terralong, which is also located in Kiama. Blue Haven Bonaira contains 59 modern Independent Living Units, in addition to a 134 room Care Home and other Senior’s support services.

How many Independent Living Units are there at Blue Haven – Bonaira?

A total of 59 Independent Living Units have been constructed, within the following four buildings:

  • Building 1:  1 single bedroom unit and 16 two-bedroom units
  • Building 2:  1 single bedroom unit (caretaker) and 16 two-bedroom units
  • Building 3:  1 single bedroom unit and 16 two-bedroom units
  • Building 4:  8 two-bedroom units on the top two floors above the community hall

What are the unit designs?

A complete set of unit designs is included in this information pack & also available at www.bluehavenvillage.com.au.

Is car parking provided?

There is a single secure car park running beneath buildings 1, 2 & 3, which is accessed via the lift in each of the three buildings.  A single, generous car space is included in the price of every unit. There is no storage on the car park level, as this is provided in many of the two-bedroom units. Building 4 also has similar underground secure parking.

When is the display unit available for inspection?

A furnished display unit is available for inspection by appointment. To book your viewing please visit www.bluehavencare.com.au/bookings.

What units are available?

A selection of two-bedroom units is still available in buildings 1 to 3. A ballot will be held for the 8 units in building 4 on 3rd December.

What are the prices of the units at Blue Haven- Bonaira?

Bonaira – list of available units

What facilities are provided at Blue Haven Bonaira?

A large Community hall with kitchen is provided in Building 4, below the Independent Living Units.  This hall will be used by Blue Haven Care to hold community-based programs for the aged. Usage of the hall will mostly be during normal office hours and will be required to have regard to the amenity of residents of the Independent Living Units.  The hall and a number of smaller adjacent rooms will also be able to be booked for use by any Blue Haven Bonaira resident.

A large Residents’ lounge area is provided in the nearby Historic Barroul House, which also includes a public restaurant.

Village residents also have access to a large observation deck and BBQ facility on the top floor of building 4, with outstanding coastal and mountain views.

What other facilities are available on site?

A fully functional hair & beauty salon is located near the entry of the Care Home and will be available to all Blue Haven Residents.  The adjacent Cafe and Wellness Centre are also accessible by all residents.

Is bus transport available?

It is intended that the existing Blue Haven Bus will also service the Independent Living Units, however the extent will depend upon the need for this service. As the service would not be financially subsidised, it may need to rely on usage fees or inclusion in the overall maintenance levy budget for the Independent Living Units, which would require the agreement of a majority of residents.

Premier Bus Service currently provide eight services daily (Mon-Fri) & 4 services on Saturday.  This service has a stop directly outside Blue Haven Bonaira, then travels to Stockland Shellharbour via the Leisure Centre in Havilah Place, North Kiama Dr & Minnamurra Public School.

Some residents may also be eligible to access community transport.

How will Barroul House be used?

The original historic homestead, Barroul House, has been fully renovated with approximately half of the building to become a public cafe. Opening hours will need to be finalised with the eventual operator, who it is likely will also operate the kiosk in the Barroul Care Home.

Barroul House will also contain a general reception area, where residents & visitors can make enquiries, in addition to a small multi-purpose meeting room.

What happens to the money I pay for my unit?

Units at Blue Haven Bonaira & Blue Haven Terralong are occupied under a loan-licence agreement.  The price of the unit is an interest free loan to Kiama Council in return for which residents receive a licence to occupy their unit.  This arrangement is widely used in not-for-profit Retirement Villages.
There is no refurbishment charge upon vacation & maintenance levies cease upon vacation. Stamp duty does not apply.

Residents are able to choose between the following two financial options:

  • Standard Price Option

When the unit is eventually handed back to Council, the resident (or their estate) receives a refund which is based upon the original purchase price, minus a Departure Fee of 6% per annum for each of the first five years of occupancy.  This deduction, commonly known as a Departure Fee, is capped at 30%. Under the standard price, the amount of the loan paid by the next unit occupant does not influence this refund.

  • Capital Gain Sharing Option

In addition to the Standard Price Option conditions, incoming residents may select the Capital Gain Sharing Option. Under this Option, residents pay an extra 25% above the Standard P Option, which entitles them to receive a half share of any Capital Gain. Capital gain is defined as the difference between the Standard Price which applies when the unit is occupied by the current resident and the Standard Price which applies when the unit is occupied by the next resident. 

Should either the current or next resident select the Capital Gain Sharing Option, the additional 25% paid by either will not affect the calculation of capital gain, as this is based on the Standard Price which applied at the time of both occupancies.

The calculation of the Departure Fee is the same under both the Standard Price Option and Capital Gain Sharing Option. This means that the additional 25% paid under the Capital Gain Sharing Option is fully refundable.

Please note:

  • no part of the amount paid under either of the above two options is refundable until after the unit is vacated
  • a decision as to which option to choose can be delayed up until two weeks prior to settlement<

What Disclosure Statements are required under the Retirement Villages Act 1999

  • You will have to pay a departure fee when you leave this village.
  • You will have to share any capital gains received with the operator of this village.

What are the on-going costs?

Weekly maintenance levies, also known as recurrent charges, are the only ongoing costs and covers Council & Water Rates, the maintenance of all the items supplied with the unit (except the carpet) & unmetered hot water.  Residents are responsible for their individual electricity, telephone/internet and contents insurance. It is anticipated that levies will be approximately $107 per week.

Can I also place my name on the waiting list for Blue Haven Terralong?

It is possible to place your name on the waiting list for the existing units by contacting Steve Dawson on 4233 1714 to make an appointment.  This cannot be done via Blue Haven’s web site.

How can I find out more information?

The Manager of Blue Haven Village, Steve Dawson may be contacted on 4233 1714 to arrange an appointment to inspect the detailed model of the new development and to answer any questions.

You can also find more information & register your interest in Blue Haven Bonaira at www.bluehavenvillage.com.au

Download the Bonaira FAQ